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Paragon is an ecommerce agency offering complete and integrated services, with an expert team of ecommerce and Amazon marketing specialists that leverages optimization, advertising, consulting and brand strategy services to setup, build, manage and grow online sales channels, as well as boost brand visibility, enabling consumer brands to make an impact and scale up their sales in digital marketplaces.


Hellotax is an international company with corporate headquarters in Alicante, Spain. It offers online VAT compliance and software to reduce the eCommerce companies workload in Europe.


Segmentify, with its AI-powered All-in-one eCommerce Growth Suite, provides the best business & technology solutions to enhance every step of the eCommerce customer journey and provides a unique eCommerce growth-consultancy model through its excellence centres and local partner experts.

Segmentify creates omnichannel personalised experiences for each customer throughout the entire eCommerce journey to increase conversions, engagement, revenue and customer lifetime value. The company is currently serving  250+ companies in 30 different countries.


Established in 2016, ZonGuru is a powerful toolset that helps Amazon brands accelerate their growth. The platform now offers 17 different tools connected to 10 Amazon marketplaces across North America, Europe, India, and Australia. ZonGuru’s services are offered to thousands of sellers and enterprise agencies who want to optimize and promote their customers’ storefronts and listings effectively and efficiently.


A suite of solutions for Advertisers, Publishers & Influencers of all sizes. TRANSPARENT. MEASURABLE. FAIR. Admitad is a global IT company that develops and invests in advertising and monetization technologies, partnership services and earning management, media buying and smart shopping solutions.


Retargeting Biz is an all-in-one marketing automation platform designed to help online stores attract and retarget new traffic, improve sales performance by optimizing conversion rates and sales volumes, enhance loyalty and customer lifetime value, and minimize costs and cart abandonment. The platform centralizes all key channels for online stores, from product recommendations, and personalized newsletters with dynamic content to automated Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads, push notifications, pop-ups, and SMS campaigns.


SoStocked is an Amazon inventory management, forecasting, and tracking software with an inventory-marketing mindset that makes managing inventory easier and more realistic. Developed by a 7-figure Amazon seller and based on extensive feedback from hundreds of sellers, SoStocked is fully customizable and fully understandable so that you can trust the numbers, fine-tune your forecasts, and finally ditch your spreadsheets. SoStocked is fast becoming the go-to tool for Amazon sellers for inventory management.


Established in 2010, Frisbi, formerly known as First Choice Shipping, was founded on the belief that the complex world of expanding into Amazon’s Global Markets should be made easy. To do that, First Choice Shipping set out to create a single digital hub from which all services necessary to expand globally could be obtained. With expertise and solutions in small parcel shipping, tax registrations, importer of record, international returns, product compliances & customs clearance, First Choice Shipping connects small business owners and eCommerce giants alike to the entire world, on their own terms.


As a leading digital marketing company, intelliRANK®️ has helped thousands of brands gain visibility, boost sales and establish client relationships online. We have extensive experience in product launches and brand awareness campaigns, and our organic social media marketing services are second to none. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, get in touch with us today.


With over 5000 online retailers in its portfolio, MerchantPro is the eCommerce SaaS platform for all stages of eCommerce growth. The platform provides a complete ecosystem, fueled by powerful out-of-the-box components and unlimited customisation capabilities, allowing merchants access to the tools they need to launch faster and scale their businesses without technological blockers.


SEO.London helps businesses to increase their organic traffic, grow, attract new customers, and in turn, increase their sales revenue and market share Read more here: https://seo.london/

Social Chat

Social Chat enables brands to host live events and upload pre-recorded videos directly on their website. It is intended to allow retailers to interact with customers as if they are shopping in-store, and to provide real time suggestions and recommendations via live video.


EcomBalance is a monthly bookkeeping service specialized for Amazon sellers, eCommerce brands, and other digital businesses. Nathan and Connor were sellers themselves for years and then found, scaled, and sold FreeUp.net in 2019. 

YLT translations

The company relies on 80 native speakers, who take content and localize it to convert and engage in a seller’s target country. Each translator is well-versed in Amazon’s dynamic and ever-changing landscape, and can perform the keyword research and write the copy needed to improve conversions and engagement.


Omnilinx is all about helping brands build a better customer experience. The platform integrates several communication channels – phone calls, web chat, Facebook messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, emails and ticketing. With this, the team has access to one place where they can track all the communications with clients and provide a unified experience for them when chatting, contacting through messengers or over the phone. Omnilinx helps companies increase their customer service efficiency, reduce agent workloads and deliver seamless experiences that keep clients happy and coming back for more.


Ecomtrack is helping hundreds of e-commerce stores scale their online paid advertising with certainty through accurate ads tracking. Since the changes to the iOS and cookies, tracking ads accurately on social platforms, such as Facebook, Google, TikTok, became extremely difficult. Without accurate data, you are not maximising your budget, Ecomtrack helps you solve that by attributing 100% sales back to the correct ad.


Through its unique software solution, Intellifox is helping hundreds of companies maximize their revenue on Amazon. In an easy-to-use interface, it provides an assisted step-by-step process to optimize product listings. This enables anyone to make their products more attractive and easier to find, which translates into more revenue. Try it yourself on intellifox.com and start your free trial today.

hop online

Hop Online helps SaaS, subscription and tech companies scale customer acquisition and MRR with predictable ROI from performance marketing. Technology companies rely on Hop to drive more trials, book qualified demos and lower CAC so that they can hit their revenue growth targets or secure their next funding round.


GETIDA is a technology company empowering the e-commerce industry by helping Amazon sellers recover the maximum FBA reimbursements they are eligible to receive. Established in 2015, GETIDA is an Authorized Provider on the Amazon Seller Central AppStore and utilizes the most advanced technologies to audit and discover FBA discrepancies, ensuring the maximum recovery on all types of available FBA claims.


CustomSoft is a team connected by the shared love for tech. We center everything we create around quality because our purpose is to create unique and meaningful experiences. Furthermore, we work with a wide variety of technologies that make it possible to fulfil your business needs. Our aim is to perfectly develop digital projects and empower businesses towards success. Our lines of work include e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and custom software development. We have vast experience with developing from scratch and implementing software. 


EcomPartner is a team of European native Amazon specialists helping 6 to 8-figure brands sell in a wide variety of categories.They can help you successfully launch your products, grow your revenues, keep your PPC cost low and dominate your category on Amazon Europe.


Pendulum is an advertising agency dedicated to TikTok Advertising and Influencer Scouting. The company has partnerships with some of the biggest brands, including Thrasio and TikTok

Titan Sourcing

Titan sourcing is a full stack sourcing agency and platform to deliver its customers the best suppliers, products and prices.

D8a Driven

The D8a Driven platform is an action-oriented technology that empowers brands to make data driven decisions about their Amazon business, and win big by doing so. And their tech-enabled services department augment the highly-skilled staffing needs for Amazon businesses to do the dirty work.